About Us

SEO LocalAt Plan 2 Succeed Consulting, we believe there is a better way to do e-commerce.  We believe in the value of earning customers with our actions. We are passionate about the customer experience, great deals, and being a champion for e-commerce stores that truly care for the people they serve.  We focus on bringing value to our customers, which includes offering great products and effective services. We’re excited to simplify e-commerce for everyone through our customer first mission, education, and building a community.

Small Business Keeps The US Economy StrongWe believe that Small Businesses are the life blood of the United States economy!



An article in the Dallas Morning News quotes Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst:  “Small businesses are the most powerful engine driving the Texas economy, and we must do everything we can to help them grow, especially in this challenging economy.”

Plan2SucceedConsulting LLC is a company that gets you results, and keeps you informed every step of the way!

As a small business we have found that helping other e-commerce businesses become their best helps make us our best.

E-commerce Done Right

E-commerce Experts Plan 2 Succeed Consulting“We love to help businesses/consumers in many different niches find deals and grow their business.”

“We have combined our love for helping people find great deals with our love of helping small e-commerce businesses.”

We are: Online Deals + Services To Grow Your E-comm Business ALL IN ONE.

We’ll know very quickly how we can help you after your free consultation, and unlike many other service businesses, we don’t just accept everyone.

No false promises, no wasted dollars.

Plan 2 Succeed Consulting is passionate about e-commerceOUR NAME: 

Our name was inspired because we are always striving for success.  We believe that every e-commerce business that stands for something and is willing to put their customers first, should have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed. We believe in engaging the e-commerce community with openness and integrity. From the very beginning, we felt passionately about bringing that same integrity to the frustratingly sometimes opaque online world.

We are your partner in crime to make it happen for your e-commerce business. 

We believe in keeping it simple, no hassle, no stress…

We work differently at Plan2Succeed!

We are true Texans and we look forward to give you results and deals the size of Texas. Contact us ya’ll