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You get leads for your orthopedic practice. If you are an orthopedic surgeon we can double your business leads.
You get a firm that specializes in getting leads for Orthopedic practices. P2S is a custom fit for your business

Why Are So Many Businesses Using Plan 2 Succeed Consulting (P2S) For Lead Generation?
P2S gets you more of the leads you need, while you focus on serving patients—P2S takes on the responsibility of getting you more leads for your business. You never have to think about where your next patient will come from. Make one phone call to P2S, and we handle the rest: resulting in more new patients for your practice.

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Orthopedic Marketing Experts

We specialize in working with Orthopedic practices. P2S is a custom fit for your unique business needs, and we can get you more leads.

Working with P2S will guarantee you more traffic to your website, and more patients for your business.

Detailed Monthly Reporting

We know you don’t need any more paperwork to review, however, we do offer a concise yet detailed report for your campaign monthly.

4 Simple Steps To Success

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P2S SEO Service Has Loads of Powerful Benefits!
Benefits of using P2S SEO Service: P2S specializes in marketing Orthopedic Practices, and has a
true understanding of the unique business needs of your practice.

Get The Right Partner For Your Practice
With all of the time you spend doing administrative tasks, dealing with insurance companies, and the like, it doesn’t leave you much time to generate fresh leads for your business. Finding new patients can be easy, if you have the right partner

Your practice needs search engine visibility and a credible online identity. P2S helps your orthopedic practice maximize the revenue earned through your website.

Get Leads For Your Orthopedic Practice
Get leads for your orthopedic surgery business now. If you have an orthopedic practice, you have come to the right place to get your practice noticed.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get as many new patients as you want to grow your practice?

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How is your online presence? Did you know that patients right now are looking for your orthopedic practice online? Let us connect you with them!

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P2S is the simple way to get more leads for your orthopedic practice without doing the heavy lifting.

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When you become a client of P2S, you are treated like the ONLY client. Your are our #1 priority!
P2S will get you ranked on page 1 of Google, and send you all the new patients you can handle.

More New Patients & Increased Visibility to Website

Working with P2S will guarantee you more traffic to your website, and more patients for your practice

P2S Knows Your Needs

P2S knows orthopedic practice SEO, knows your target patient and what they want, keywords you should go for, & how to set up a profitable marketing campaign

You Get To Focus More Time On Serving Patients

P2S allows you to focus on serving patients, and doing what you do best. SEO experts at P2S take on the responsibility of bringing in your new patients.

Exclusivity With One
Simple Call

P2S doesn’t just work with any business. We select our clients carefully. Make one simple phone call to P2S, and we handle the rest: essentially partnering with you to grow your orthopedic practice
P2S SEO Service Helps You Build Revenue
Through Community Involvement Too !
P2S has the expertise to build trust, and relationships for your practice, while engaging the community you serve.
Get Results

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Being the BEST doctor isn’t enough…..

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Look, as a business we have been there too. There is nothing worse than having a great service that you can’t get the word out about, Or being squashed by the competition when you know you are better.

More Patients

Even if you are the best orthopedic surgeon on earth, you will never maximize your practice potential without more leads, and patients for your business.

We had the same issue, and we decided to solve the problem for orthopedic surgeons by providing exceptional service and getting more patients for your business.

You can do things the hard way, or you can get new patients on autopilot by contacting P2S.

Get Involved: Community Involvement

P2S also offers community involvement marketing as a service.

P2S will use proprietary SEO techniques combined with community involvement marketing to create an amazing dynamic.

This online presence will build trust and admiration from your new potential patients, and your community.

Easily Increase Practice Revenue

You pay for results—you don’t pay for what you don’t get.

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No PayPal Account? No Problem. Contact P2S To Set Up Monthly Invoicing. Invoices Will Have A 2 Week Grace Period For Delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization commonly referred to as SEO is a process of optimizing websites to be found by search engines.

SEO involves multiple actions that must be taken to satisfy the search engines complex and ever changing algorithms.

SEO is dynamic, and ever changing. The P2S team takes pride in staying up to date with what is working, and utilizing our proprietary techniques of safely securing Page One Rankings.

We utilize the most up to date techniques, that are actually working right now to get results.

As the SEO industry changes, so does the techniques we use.

How Can P2S & SEO Help My Orthopedic Practice?

The goal of an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign is for your practice to appear on the first page of the search engines, ahead of all of your competition.

Organic results are found below the sponsored ad section of Google. A targeted lead generated by a P2S SEO campaign is one of the highest quality leads you can get.

Do you need SEO? You do if you want to dominate in your area, and have as many new patients as you can handle.

Basically, P2S will do all the work for you, your only job, is cashing in on the results!

You are one phone call away from increasing your business traffic, and revenue.

Simply put, this service works! No results= money back guarantee…..

We do the heavy lifting for you.

What Is The Typical ROI Of An SEO CAmpaign?

Every clients results are different because of several factors: services offered, target audience, prices charged for patient service, ect.

Our clients get results period.

For example, let’s say your Physician fee for a procedure and routine postoperative care for hip replacement surgery is $3500.

If we can get you 2 new patients per month with our SEO campaign, you will see a positive ROI from purchasing our services.

Can I Have My Office Assistant Handle My SEO?

Trying to do your own SEO campaign is like trying to cut your own hair, give yourself a root canal, or tailor your own suit.

Just like in the aforementioned cases, leave specialized services to the experts.

P2S has mastered the art of SEO.

While other companies may promise to rank you quicker, they may be using shotty, spammy techniques to get you short-term results.

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