Dallas SEO

Dallas SEO Expert- Your Secret Weapon To Marketing Your Dallas Business

Dallas SEO Expert- Your Secret Weapon To Marketing Your Dallas Business

questions & answersWe are frequently asked by Dallas business owners what exactly is seo, and why local Dallas businesses even need seo as part of their business marketing plan.

We also get asked,(especially after this healthcare marketing press release), how local Dallas seo services, such as ours, compare with nationwide agencies.

We are going to answer these questions below.

You are about to learn why passionate Dallas seo expert advice is crucial to your business.

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, also known as seo, is the procedure of making a websites ranking much better in the online search engine for appropriate keyword phrases (referred to as money phrases).

For example, a money phrase for a carpet cleaner in Dallas would be: carpet cleaner Dallas TX.

People who need their carpet cleaned in Dallas, would type this term into the search engine, and if the carpet cleaner has partnered with a dallas seo expert, then they will show up on the first page of the search engine for their money phrase, and then…fireworks!

The carpet cleaning company will be connected with people that are searching for their service….

There are 2 sides to SEO– exactly what is done on a website to make it rate much better as well as just what is done off of a website to make it rank much better. This is a significant difference since although on-page SEO is very important, off-page SEO is far more crucial, as well as far more challenging.

Exactly What Is On-Page SEO?

on page seoOn-page SEO is optimizing a website so that it can be easily crawled by search engine spiders. The spiders peruse the site and then use the on-site information to understand what the site is about.

Some of the most essential on-page aspects are the web page title, description tag, “h” tags, as well as the quality content that shows up on the web page. Great on page seo will help you to rank for your money phrases.

Just What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is composed mainly of backlinks.

Backlinks are votes from other sites to youroff page seo site. When a site links to your site, this tells the search engines that your site is relevant to the content on their web page.

The more “votes” you get from trusted, high quality authority sites the better!

Note: The quickest way to climb the rankings in front of all your competitors in 2014 is to have MORE high quality backlinks than your competitors.

Make sure you have an engaging site that speaks to your target audience. This will be important for getting your target audience to actually take action once they land on your site.

Unique, quality content makes other sites want to “vote”, aka link to your site.

Does My Dallas Business Need SEO?

why does my business need seoYour business requires SEO if you wish to be found by potential customers searching for services your Dallas business offers online.

Remember, seo should be only one aspect of your overall marketing strategy. You might also use traditional methods such as radio, print, ect.

Can I do SEO myself?

Asking if you can do seo yourself is like asking if you can give yourself a haircut.

mullet hairHeck yeah you can, but you might end up with a mullet…..

In all seriousness, leave seo to the experts…..

You wouldn’t try to perform your own eye exam, file your own brief with the courthouse, or give yourself a root canal….

Do it yourself is very time consuming, and a lot of trial an error…

With seo, the potential errors and learning curve could cost you dearly with a penalized that that won’t rank.

Again, if you are on a tight budget, and you are into networking, I would try to work out a deal with an seo expert in Dallas, and see if they will consider doing pro bono work in exchange for you telling everyone you know about their service.

You get them some great referrals and they get you some great new business through seo. Definitely a win win!

We have been approached by a few great Dallas businesses, and were happy to do it!

Just What Are The Largest Misconceptions & Obstacles Of SEO?

seo myths# 1 misconception: seo is easy, fast, & getting a few backlinks will rank website

The truth of the matter is that seo is not easy (if it were, then everyone would be on page 1 of the search engines), it is time consuming, and you must get high quality backlinks to rank your site. The number of backlinks needed will depend on the competition of your money phrase aka keyword.

Make sure your on page and off page seo are up to par for the best rankings.

The only way the online search engine will certainly discover your site and also classify it correctly is if you use proper seo techniques.

Also remember that seo is every changing, and what works today might not work tomorrow, so make sure you get the most up to date information.

Don’t go around reading blog posts that were published in 2011 and expect to get the most accurate seo information.

seo myths# 2 Misconception: You Can Optimize Numerous Keywords on 1 page.

The truth is of you try to optimize 100 words on 1 page you will fail miserably. If you want your webpage to be found by people searching for your service then you should focus on merely one core keyword and only closely related keywords per page. Don’t confuse the search engine robots or people visiting your page by trying to focus on too many unrelated keywords.

So if you have service offerings in several cities, make a new page for each city.

# 3 Misconception: Guaranteed First Position Rankings in 1 week

The 3rd largest misconception is that an SEO company could ensure a # 1 natural online search engine ranking in a particular time-frame for money phrases.

There is no way an agency can guarantee you spot 1 rankings on the first page in a particular time-frame.

Stop…..did you get that?

As an SEO company, there are so many things that are out of our control. We can’t control the search engines or what they will do, and we can’t control what your competitors will do to neutralize exactly what we have done on your Dallas company’s behalf.

Since we can’t guarantee spot one on page one in a week, we do the next best thing….

We use a prolific approach to seo. We get our clients found everywhere…..on video, on Google maps, on document sharing sites, on mp3, or anywhere that is relevant to their business.

How much does seo cost in Dallas?

dallas seo expertThe complete expense for seo in Dallas can range from $200 to upwards of $10,000 dollars per month depending on the seo company. Less expensive prices might be available but this is the range in the Big D.

If you are getting a 1 off service it might be a one time $200, but if you are getting an extensive service that you want repeated monthly, then it could cost you up to $10,000 every month.

We caution you to be aware when looking to find the cheapest seo service in the Metroplex. Cheap doesn’t always mean good….you might cost yourself more time and energy trying to fix the cheap-o service…..

Our owner once tried to paint her house by hand to save a few hundred bucks. She spent time going to home depot, buying tools (not the right tools), and of course painting.

She ended up with arm cramps, and an unprofessional paint job….in the end she spent more time finding a professional painter, and getting the house painted correctly…..

cheaper seo services dallasLow quality seo can be ineffective, or even be detrimental to your Dallas brand.

With that said, you also don’t have to kill your marketing budget to get great seo.

Our company will often do complimentary work to help non-profits, and although they are not paying, they are getting the highest quality SEO work you can find in DFW.

Dallas business owners should look for the happy medium, and find a great service that works within the confines of the budget while still providing results.

Our Dallas seo services, as an example, start at a one-time $497 initial set-up fee for every client. We then determine what your company goals are, and we let you choose the services that are right for you.

We do not require any contracts!

Our Company charges less for seo than any of our Dallas Fort Worth area competitors. We consider our competitor as any seo company that actually knows what they are doing.

We can keep our costs lower because we don’t have executive salaries, web design team, or a lot of extra overhead. We are here to help the Dallas business community, and while our prices are competitive, our service is top notch.

We Offer The Following Local SEO Services:

Press releases, keyword research, online reputation audits, video marketing, social media marketing, ppc management, Google map listings, on-page optimization tips, & link building. Check out a complete list of our dallas area seo services here.

We guarantee that your business will be found on page 1. However, the time-frame to get you there depends on competitiveness of keywords.

The costs can seem overwhelming, especially if you are a new Dallas business. Think about the average front end value of your customer, and also think ROI (return on investment).

If an SEO company is charging you $1000/month, the goal should be that you get atleast $1100+ of sales/leads back into your business each month. If not, then you might need to re-visit your seo strategy.

Here is a video of another Dallas Seo Expert:

We really like the video, and more importantly, we like what the video has to say, so if you need seo services, this is another local company you can call.

We love local business, and are never afraid of a little competition!

Speaking of competition, here is how we differ from other seo companies…..

Exactly How Is Plan 2 Succeed Consulting, LLC Different Than Other Dallas SEO Companies?

sets us apartOur company has actually been assisting folks like you to increase customer base, sales, leads, and business revenue via the internet since 2012.

  • We are a results driven firm with a passion for local business.
  • We are a hands on company. We do not outsource SEO overseas for our gain….we put our clients and their business ahead of our pocket book.
  • We do not handle simply any kind of company as a client. If you would like to collaborate with us you’ll need to make a dedication of time as well as resources that can help us obtain the outcomes you desire.
  • We take the time to understand your business, and what makes you unique in the market place
  • We ensure outcomes, and help you meet your business goals. We will partner with you to set desired goals, and communicate with you every step of the way.
  • We get results for you, or we will provide you free service until we do! We get results……
  • We don’t know of any Dallas area SEO companies on the planet that have the passion we do. Our service guarantee speaks for itself. We meet or exceed your expectations period.

People in Dallas are searching for the services you offer, and it is up to you to get in front of them! You can do it yourself, or a Dallas seo expert can help!

If you are ready to be found by people who are searching & ready to buy, then contact us 469-547-7885!

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