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Fort Worth SEO Services-3 Tips To Increase Your Customers This Month!

Fort Worth SEO Services

seo-servicesIf your business serves the city of fort worth, and surrounding areas in DFW, then you owe it to your business to make sure you can be found when consumers are looking to buy your product or service.

In the next few minutes you are going to learn the top 3 tips to increase your online exposure, and get more business in Fort Worth, Texas.

97% of people looking for information on a local business start with search engines.

Not only do people looking for your product or service start with search engines, but 75% never make it past the first page of the search engine results, according to case studies completed by Higher Visibility.


3 Local SEO Tips To Implement Right Now In Your Fort Worth, Tx Based Business Are:

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1. Complete Citations

Make sure your business listings are correct across the web.

A business citation is often referred to as a NAP, or the Name, Address, and Phone Number. The search engines gather this information to make sure listings are correct and they are displaying the most accurate information to their audience. If a business has multiple NAP variations it will have a negative impact on the search rankings. It is important to show precise accuracy when creating citations across the internet.

There are several companies offering to create citations in bundles of 100, 250, and more, but we would advise against that and only focusing on creating high quality NAP listings on reputable local business directories instead of just spamming your NAP all over the internet. All of the citations we build for our local SEO service are done by hand and we only creating citations on business directories relevant to the client’s business.

The number one thing to focus on when creating your NAP listings is to maintain the exact same formatting that you use on your website. For example, let’s assume your address is:

Business Name
123 Example Street
Suite 100

You would want to use that exact formatting every single time you create a citation. Some examples of variations include:

Business Name
123 Example St
Suite 100

Business Name
123 Example Street
# 100

Business Name
123 Example Street
Ste 100

Using a variation will create multiple variations of your listings and will have a negative impact on your local search results. Consistency is key here, so take the time to make sure you are using the same formatting. There are several online tools that will pull up all of your citations and allow you to audit them and submit changes. Take the time to d this correctly, as it will benefit your local SEO. More at… 3 Local SEO Tips You Need to Implement Right Now

Make sure that after you begin citations for your business, that you claim your business on Google Maps aka Google My Business Page.

Even if you work primarily from home, you need a physical address attached to your business name (there will be a section when editing your business listing where you can hide your complete address if you service customers at their address).

Another tip to note about your address that will help your local SEO is to make sure that your website includes your business address in the exact format as the citations you have created.


If you’ve ever tried to create a business listing through Google My Business, chances are you’ve also noticed that the placement of the little red Pin in Google Maps isn’t exactly where it should be.

When it comes to showing up in local search results, whether it’s in Google Search, Google Maps or any other local search product, you need to make sure that your business is showing up online EXACTLY (or at least approximately) where it is located in the physical world…via How To Edit Your Business Listing In Google Maps – Douglas

2. Get Feedback/Reviews From Customers

google reviewsGetting your customers feedback is essential in validating your business. If you provide a great product or service, most of your customers will be happy to help you out by giving you their honest feedback on a Google review.

Customer reviews impact social media engagement and reach, Local SEO, and the ultimate “life” of the business. They are critical to your Local SEO strategy and business as a whole and should be treated as such. Surprisingly, not all businesses do.

Another major Local SEO factor for customer reviews is the all important click-through. “Now that Google displays reviews in an isolated popup (instead of taking you to the locations Google Plus Local page), users will read your reviews before they see any other information about your business.” Google Image Source

How To Encourage Online Customer Reviews

1. Create a “Reviews” Page On Your Website.

You can create something simple like your and with an easy to remember url like that, your employees can tell customers to leave a review there.

We also suggested to these tourism companies that they add snippets of great reviews from Trip Advisor, Yelp, and especially Google Reviews, to the reviews page on their website. They then would link to the source site for users to read the full review as wells others not included on the website reviews page.

2. Create a “Reviews” Coupon Flyer/Handout

In order to encourage reviews, we’ve also suggested to our tourism clients to create a promotional flyer or handout, with a coupon, as well as a friendly request to “leave a review” on their favorite review website.

Instead of pushing them to review on Google or Trip Advisor, we give them options with clear, simple, instructions on how to leave a review. If they use a site they are familiar with and have used before, they will be more likely to leave a review.

You could also link them to the reviews page you created on your site.Brochure fort worth, texas Brochure Image Source

3. Distribute That Flyer – Face to Face and Eye to Eye

While this may not be possible for every business, it should be possible for most. You nee dot make sure you and your management and/or staff, hand the reviews handout to every potential customer.

Make sure you/they don’t just hand it to them. They should look them in the eye and humbly ask for a review. This small, non-physical connection could be what it takes for that customer to leave you an awesome review that ends up bringing you more business.

It’s important to keep in mind that this tactic is strictly a numbers game. It’s like coupon redemption – it will have a low rate of return. But the more you hand out, the more you ask for reviews, the more you will get. …via 8 Tips For a Local SEO Strategy That Crushes Your Competition

3. New Website Page For Every Location Served

Fort Worth SEO Services New WebpageEvery location that you serve should have a dedicated page on your website. This will help your business maintain visibility in the cities your serve outside of Fort Worth, Texas.

Multiple locations need multiple landing pages. Local sites don’t like a business having more than one local listing, but if the business has two locations, than that’s OK.

However, you should ensure that each location links back to a page on your website that is all about that location and what it has to offer. Sending both local listings back to the same page, or homepage, isn’t ideal….via 10 Local SEO Tips – Optimization for Small Business. Image Source.

Implement just the 3 tips above, and you will increase your online exposure, and start getting more local calls for your business.Get Your Fort Worth Business Found Online

If you believe in your company, and you believe that you product or service deserves recognition, then look no further, we are here to make sure you get it.

If you don’t have time to implement a local SEO strategy, we can help!

To find out why Plan 2 Succeed Consulting, LLC is the best choice for your Fort Worth SEO services needs, click herefort worth, texas

Now, you obviously know that every Fort Worth, Tx business needs local SEO.

Atleast every business that wants to crush the competition and gain more the their perspective market share.

List your business in the local directories, and on the business review sites like Yelp.

Again, if you need a results driven company to help you with your marketing goals, we are here for ya, just contact us.

We look forward to helping you build your customer base & sales!

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