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Congrats on your new start-up!

You are officially ready to rock n’ roll, and I know it feels good!

Now that you are in business, do you have a plan for where your customers will come from?

If not, Plan 2 Succeed Consulting, can help you out.

Tips For New Business Startups

Before we talk about all the fun marketing stuff,

Let’s talk business…

Just in case you are in limbo, or have a few million things running through your mind…

Here are some awesome tips that is great advice for anyone who has started or will start a new company.

Key To Getting & Keeping Customers

We all know that no business new or old can survive without customers.

Marketing for startups is one essential piece of the equation.

I read that design is a major piece of the puzzle, and I wholeheartedly agree.

This is a digital era, and if you don’t believe that, you will miss the boat.

Marketing For Startups

New technologies come and go at a blistering pace.

All it takes is a single swipe of the finger for a smartphone user to end a budding relationship. Large, decades-old companies – from transportation to banking to retail – are now competing head-to-head with Silicon Valley startups.

Companies that want their brand to stay relevant longer than a fleeting social media message must prioritize customer experience – with design at the core of every interaction.

But why does design matter for the digital age?

Visually appealing, consumer-friendly interfaces are essential to making products useful – and delightful. Well-designed content is the keystone to any marketing campaign. In fact, companies that invest in design outperform their peers.  Read more…

…via Why great design is the key to landing – and keeping – customers

 Fair Priced Internet Marketing For Your New Startup

As a startup, cash could be a little tight.

Unless you are one of those Silicon Valley startups that I talked about above with tons of venture capitalist behind you…

You need to be online in this digital era, and if you are looking for a way to get your new startup seen online without breaking the bank, then you’re in luck!

You can contact Plan 2 Succeed Consulting, and let us help you get noticed.

We are a small team that deliver big results. Feel free to email me directly:

Let’s get your startup moving in the right direction today!