Amazon Electrical Cords Wholesale Basic Package


This package includes a sample box of the hottest selling products in the electrical cords industry that will sell in your Amazon e-commerce store.
Products included:

  • 2-Packs 16 Outlet Metal Housing Power Strip With 15 Ft Long Heavy Duty Cord
  • Outlet Voltage Converter
  • All in 1 power adapter
  • 60W power adapter
  • High voltage travel power converter
    **Please call us for custom wholesale orders, this package is to test hot selling products in your Amazon store.

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Package Includes:

  • 2-Packs 16 Outlet Metal Housing Power Strip With 15 Ft Long Heavy Duty Cord
    This Power Strip has multiple outlet designs that allows to directly plug in all home and office devices. The power switch lights up when power is on letting you know if the circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Outlet Voltage Converter
    This Product Voltage converts from 220V/240V (volts) to 110V/120V (volts) so you could use your American electronics overseas safely, or it can be used as a normal power strip while in the United States.
  • All-In-One Power Adapter
    Single-piece mono block construction with Built-in 6A 250v safety fuse helps protect your products. This Universal travel charger with additional built-in 2 USB 2.5 Amp charger with LED Indicator Light. It has an Easy Slide-press button that releases the selected adaptor for instant power to charge your device and a safety shutter to protect against electric shock
  • 60W Power Adapter
    Built-in USB can charge Apple iPhone and MacBook.
  • High Voltage Travel Power Converter.¬†
    This product is designed for US electronics (non-heating electric shaver, camera, laptop, and more.). A plug adapter and a voltage converter in order to safely use your valued devices when you go abroad with different voltage


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