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Roofing Leads

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Are you struggling to generate more roofing leads for your roofing company?

Are you sick of having your roofer sales-force rely on door knock, and other less desirable methods?

In this article you will learn how to get more roofing leads, and what you need to do to increase your business revenue.

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revenue increase thanks to SEO3 Tips To Grow Your Roofing Business

Ready to explode your roofing company revenue?

Cool, you’re in the right place.

Plan 2 Succeed Consulting has done alot of work in the roofing industry, and getting results with your marketing dollars involves coming up with a killer strategy.

Target more customers that need roof repair using online marketing strategies and tweak them for your roofing company.

To maximize your online marketing you should be doing the following:


Google adwords is an awesome way to get leads right now, and grow your business.


Google adwords isn’t that easy to learn, but it should be part of your marketing strategy.

Adwords is short-term, and can get leads rolling fast if you have a solid marketing budget.

Plan 2 Succeed Consulting had a roofing client spending over $10k per month on adwords, but because the campaign was set-up incorrectly, the wasteful spending was 53%


Yes you heard it right…over $5k was being wasted due to poor ads set-up, no landing page testing, & crappy quality score.

Need a plan to save your marketing dollars?

Get a plan to make sure you are cutting your waste

The bottom line is:

Google has alot of great traffic

Depending on the area you are trying to dominate, you can get enough targeted roofing leads to your website to more than cover the cost of adwords.

Remember all cities are different, and each campaign will be unique based on the area, population, competition, etc.

**Adwords tip for roofers**

Get your ads quality score to a 7 or better as soon as possible.

You can do this by building awesome ads, high converting landing pages, and having a solid budget.

Get your CTR (click through rate) to atleast 1%, and this will help you get lower click prices.


If you are not currently using SEO for your roofing company you are missing out on ALOT of revenue.

Simply put:

Great SEO changes businesses.

Did you get that?

Great SEO, not SEO you can get for $99/month…

wasting marketing budgetIf you want to hire an SEO “expert” for less than a cashier at the dollar store makes, you’re probably just throwing your money down the toilet…

At the bare minimum you need to make sure your on-page seo is done on your roofing company site.

Also make sure you have good title tags & meta descriptions that actually make people want to click and find out more about your roofing service.

You can see some not so good & great examples of title tags here

Don’t make the mistake of not worry about ranking at all…

If you do, your competitors will be the ones laughing all the way to the bank

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Roofer seo results3. Make Sure Your Roofing Site Makes People Take Action

Roofing leads are more plentiful when you have a high converting website.

With that said…

You don’t need a fancy spancy website to get leads

The fact is:

A simple website that guides the user and gets them closer to the new roof they need will be just fine.

Make it easy for a customer to contact you.

Include your number, & a contact form on the homepage of your website.

Make sure the form asks the basics only: Name, Email, Phone

This will keep conversions higher.

These days people are….

Well what’s the best way to put this, lazy

No-one likes to fill out a 2 page form for information, they want to take 10 seconds, then move on

Your goal is just to capture the roofing lead, and then let your sales guys/gals do the fun stuff.

**Roofer website tip**

Remember your website should be designed for marketing, & getting people to take action.

You don’t need a million expensive bells and whistles or slideshows to accomplish this

Get More Roofer Leads Now

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The best thing you can do for your roofing business is to START better marketing now.

You can do the marketing yourself, or with your in house team…

Or you can hire a roofer marketing expert.

The point is, you just need to do something.

take action an inch of movement

“Take Action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention”

~Dr. Steve Maraboli