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Roofing SEO

easy peasyRoofing SEO

Knowing the ins and outs of the roofing business is great.

Knowing seo is great.

But when you can combine the two…

Consider yourself unstoppable.

Now how is that for easy peasy?

Learning search engine optimization for your roofing business can be a headache.

In this article you will learn some seo tips to help grow your roofing business.

revenue increase thanks to SEOGrowing Your Roofing Business With Roofing SEO

You can rank your roofing website on the first page of Google

Is it easy…


Can it be done?


Does it take time?


There are over 200+ rankings factors in the Google algorithmn

Plan 2 Succeed Consulting has ranked ALOT of websites.

The 3 main factors that we have found that really move the needle are:

content, links and time.

dallas search engine optimization kellerDIY SEO

If you are going to take the DIY route for seo then you must learn, then take action on what you have learned.

This is the biggest mistake alot of business owners make…they read, read some more, and then read more…

They keep consuming the information without ever taking action!

Action is what will get you ranked, not reading.

When you start seo on your roofing site, we suggest you start with local seo.

If you have a roofing company in Dallas for instance, then you want to start with dominating

Search in Dallas.

Local seo let’s you target local customers that need help from a roofing contractor

You do this by claiming your Google my business page, getting into the map pack, and producing content specific to people in your local service area.

If you want rankings but don’t want to go at it alone, fill in the form below:

Roofing SEOTop SEO Keywords For Roofers

Imagine having the perfect keywords to add to your website and your content to get the leads flowing…

Guess What?

It’s about to get easy for ya

Here is a list of keywords that we have found produce great traffic and leads in our roofer seo campaigns:

  • Roofing company + city
  • Roofing contractor + city
  • Roofing company + city & state
  • Roofing contractor + city & state
  • City + roofer
  • Roofer + city
  • City + roofing company
  • City + roofing contractor
  • Roofing + city
  • City + roofing
  • Roofing companies + city
  • City + roofing companies
  • Roof repair + city
  • City + roof repair
  • Commercial roof repair + city

This might seem like alot of keywords, but actually this is just the beginning.

These keywords alone will generate alot of traffic for you.

Make sure you also add additional keywords that people in your service area will be typing in…

For example, best roofing company in Dallas….

You can use the free Google AdWords Keyword Planner that was mentioned earlier to find many more keywords.

The possibilities are plentiful.

Don’t get stuck like a car in mud…

Make sure you use a free tool to help you generate as many keywords as you can handle!

wasting marketing budgetHow To Do SEO On A Budget

You know what?

You can still do roofing seo on your website with a small budget

If you have a small budget you don’t want to waste a single dollar…

If you are doing search engine optimization on a budget then having a wordpress website is the way to go.

You can download plugins like Yoast that will help you with your on-page seo, so you don’t have to worry too much about that.

Few More Roofer SEO TIPS For SEO Success

  • Use Content to drive your seo strategy. Make sure the content speaks to your target audience. Make sure your content is great.
  • Build links to your great content
  • Spy on your competitors to see the content thats working & the links they are getting. Create better content & duplicate their links (if this sounds foreign to you, email us!)
  • Stay consistent with your content publishing so people take you seriously, and google crawls your site consistently.

Local Business Marketing ServicesSEO Done Effectively Will Yield Dividends

Remember, if seo is not part of your roofer marketing strategy you are missing out on TONS of business.

Not to mention TONS of cash.

Millions of searches are performed online every hour of every day.

SEO is an effective email marketing solution.

Every company that wants to grow their roofing business should use seo! It’s a MUST.

If you need help navigating the details of seo for your roofing company just fill out the form below:

Roofing Seo is the way to go to grow your roofing business!